Capital University Cadet Band

The Capital Cadet Band is an honor band that performs challenging literature for young musicians. It is an ensemble comprised of advanced young musicians from schools across Central Ohio.


It provides:

- Challenging new music

- Full band experience with quality instruction

- Meet other outstanding young musicians from schools around Central Ohio

- Concerts in beautiful Mees Hall at Capital University.

Under the direction of Susan O'Rourke, the mission of the Capital Cadet Band is to encourage the technical and musical development of young woodwind, brass, and percussion players in Central Ohio. Membership is open to middle school students in Central Ohio who participate in their school band program. The ensemble is designed to enrich and enhance students’ musical abilities.

Cadet Band Registration Fee
There is an annual fee of $310 to participate in the Cadet Band.  This fee includes the Personal Protective Equipment that will be required when rehearsing and performing on Capital’s campus. 

No student will ever be denied the opportunity to participate in the Cadet Band because of financial need. Tuition assistance is available through Capital if the registration fee is cost prohibitive for families.

Cadet Band Registration fee$310.00310.00
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