Adult/Graduate/Part-Time/MBA/Trinity/Education Licensure/Degree Completion/ABSN/Global Education Commuter Permit

**Fall 2024-2025 permits are available for purchase beginning on 7/1/24 at 7am**


Three Days after ordering online, permits may be picked-up at the Public Safety Office (661 College Ave) between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

This permit is intended for Graduate, Part-time(under 12 credit hours), Degree completion, evening only students, MBA, Post-Degree Education Licensure, ABSN and Global Education students. Please allow three (3) business days to process order. After online purchase, physical permit hang tags may be picked-up at the Capital University Public Safety Office(661 College Ave) between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Please be prepared to show a valid school ID card when picking up the hang tag. **NO PERMITS WILL BE MAILED** Please contact Kevin Gault at (614) 236-6505 or email with any questions